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Welcome to buecher-rvm

Here you will find books of different genres by Robert Müller alias R.v.M., living in Vienna (Austria), which will entertain you in many hours of exciting and amusing reading, but which should also inspire you to think.

→ Erotic crime thrillers (Social/Science-Fiction-novels)

→ Erotic crime thrillers (#MeToo-novels)

→ Stage plays and anthologies

→ Stories for Children & adolescents

Please click/tap on one of the links (arrows) to select the desired genre. Please note that some of the first two genres contain books with scenes that are not suitable for people under 14 years of age.

On the genre home page you will find a table with information on the books (right column) and link tabs (left column), which you can click/tap. This will take you to the respective book, where you can see the cover (or the entire cover, if applicable), samples (in German) in pdf format (up to 10 percent of the book) and any reviews!

As an appetizer there is an English version sample of volume 1 of the #MeToo series, "The Conception mate", which has been translated automatically. We apologize for any inaccuracies in the translations. If you as a private person or publisher are interested in my works, please contact me (see imprint).

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